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Kamora Aloe Vera Shampoo Liter

Kamora Aloe Vera Shampoo Liter


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Kamora Aloe Vera Shampoo - The Natural Hair Solution. Get ready for healthy, beautiful hair with Kamora Aloe Vera Shampoo.

  • Natural ingredients  
  • Infused with Aloe Vera Extracts  
  • Free of harsh chemicals  
  • Safe for daily use  
  • Suitable for all hair types  
  • Nourishing and revitalizing formula  


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  • Eco-Safe
  • Tested
  • Trusted
  • Made in the Philippines
  • Skylark Inc. , Manufacturing
  • Loyal Customer

    “Better than the pure liquid form”


  • Loyal Customer

    “Good deal tong item na to! ❤ Affordable yet very useful. Tin***** user swtich to uni**** brand then nakita ko to. Ang laki na pero liit lang ng presyo. Mabula nakakatanggal talaga sya ng breastmilk residue. thankyou!!”

    Cynthia B.

  • Loyal Customer

    “Regular buyer of this excellent product. Colorless, faint fragrance, and not harsh on the skin.”

    Alice B.

  • Loyal Customer

    “10 out of 5 stars! The scent feels like fresh from airline box. I love it! well recommended product. it is affordable that cost only 150 pesos. mild and easy on my dog's skin.”

    Jayvin M.

  • Loyal Customer

    “Feel satisfied with the result. Mild scented and vety economical. Low price compared to other brands and it is plant-based,, does not contain harsh ingredients or chemicals. higjly recommended during these pandemic time. 5 stars!”

    Sarah F.

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